The Book of Ezekiel

Eat the Scroll

Ezekiel 2:1- 3:15 The prophecies and visions included in Ezekiel chapters 1 to 33 all came about in the first 7 years of his ministry. These years encompass the time between Ezekiel’s exile from Israel amongst the 10,000 learned men and the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple. To the people of Israel, the possibility… Continue reading Eat the Scroll

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The Longsuffering God

Week One- Introduction to the Book of Ezekiel Part 2 The book of Ezekiel is not only a picture of the discipline of God but also a foreshadowing of the final restoration of all things to the faithfulness and loyalty of the throne of God. The temple, which is a representation of the presence of… Continue reading The Longsuffering God